Purpose and Commitment

So, it’s been awhile as they say – and I hadn’t realised it had been over a year since I last wrote and posted a blog. It has certainly been on my mind and something I’ve been ‘working’ towards, which is true. What I struggled with though was landing this ‘working’ into an outcome – clearly as there have been none for so long. I really had to look then at whether I was truly committed to getting more blogs out there, or just saying I was as I knew that’s what I needed to be doing. It wasn’t until I felt the purpose behind them, and how much I wanted that, that I was able to re-commit and get this ball rolling once again.

A small shout out to those who came to me and said how much they value my writing – and that they were eagerly awaiting more. With these compliments (and requests!) I couldn’t but bring myself to value this page more, and start to get my writing juices flowing once again. It’s in fact an honour to have people read, love and be inspired by your work. I can’t but look forward to writing more, knowing there are people that will receive it and are looking forward to doing so.

So, I’ll be getting my many excuses out of the way:

My desk is too messy… (Stop messing it up! But didn’t actually stop me from writing)
I have no time… (Really? You are a very efficient and capable person)
I want to change the format of my site… (Oh look, that didn’t take long either 😀 )

And loving bringing more gold your way.

Stay tuned!


P.S Whilst things have been quiet on the blog front – I have been quite active on social media. Check out my Instagram and Facebook pages for recipes, general health information and other fun!




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  1. appreciative_reader says:

    How positively refreshing to see you back blogging…your posts are like sorbet for the soul!


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