Big Pharma/ Bad Pharma – What is Our Way Back to True health?

Currently we are in a position in healthcare where big, billion dollar companies – including pharmaceuticals and private health conglomerates – are funding and governing many important decisions, health care models and trials for up and coming medications.

More and more as people we are realising that the outcomes of many of these decisions are not what serves us and our health truly – first and foremost. We are swiftly coming to the realisation that we have been had on many levels, and are looking for the truth in where our medicines and health care decisions lie.

There are several possible avenues with this. We can react to the medical model, and throw the baby out with the bath water (so to speak). We can reject all medications on the basis that we know a lot of scientific studies are flawed and that many doctors have been easily bought by the lies sold by pharmaceutical companies to suit their own back pocket. If we do this, we do potentially miss out on a lot of the medications that can support us, our bodies in healing from the many illnesses and disease that now abound, and have fairly extensively been created by our way of living.

What is the way forward then with the seeming quagmire of what is true for our bodies and the medication that can truly assist?

First and foremost we need a relationship with our bodies where we are willing to take responsibility for how it feels, and start to honour what allows it to heal in full. When we have this relationship, we are better able to discern naturally whether what we put into it is supportive or not.

We may not have a marker of this as we have lived for so long ignoring the most basic and fundamental messages of our body.

A simple example of this may be when we have a cold. Our body is telling us we need rest, and to allow it space to process the virus that has entered. We might need particular food like soup or vitamins that support the healing process. This will be different for each person. If we ignore these simple messages, we are ignoring what our body truly needs.

Often in these instances medication like antibiotics are sought to speed up the healing process. Whilst understandable in theory, this is not what supports the body for a viral infection and if taken may add to the burden for the body, not to mention the cost to the health system.  This health system and the budget it entails are what govern the rebate available for our health consultations, and how much we may need to pay out of pocket.

As we can see from this simple example, our individual approaches to our body and health add up not only on the individual but at the collective level.

When we rely solely on pharmaceuticals to answer our problems, the system we get is governed by the companies that create them. Therefore, to shift the current paradigm we can each start with greater individual responsibility.

  • Do we eat foods that honour and support our body to feel vital?
  • Do we make the choice to exercise and be physically active in the same way?
  • Do we sleep when our body feels tired and not distract ourselves to the point of insomnia?
  • If we are unable to do these due to circumstances beyond our seeming control (e.g. work hours, finances, location), do we speak out to the powers that be to say that the way our systems are running is not ok for supporting our health?

Only when we start to really claim the power back for ourselves, will our systems begin to change with people truly at the heart.

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  1. Rachael R says:

    Great blog Amelia! I work in Pharma and yesterday realised I’m unfulfilled with it because I don’t take my job seriously at all; the reason being that Pharma on a lot of levels is totally unnecessary! We as human beings have the ability to heal ourselves from the inside out, like you say, by taking responsibility… If we all did this then there would be no need for Pharma at all! But the fact remains that throughout the ages we as a race have not wanted to feel what we feel and so we have indulged in many things to numb ourselves and have done that so well that we caused ourselves huge disease and illness – cue Pharma! And so yes the only way out of it is to start now to feel our feelings and listen to what our bodies are telling us it needs. But more than that we need to then act on it and not ignore (abuse) it and for me that’s what I find painful which is why I will often reach for something to numb it, even though I know full well the after effects won’t make me feel good either – it’s a cycle that needs breaking with love and commitment and for me that is a work in progress as I get to know my body one bit at a time. Reading blogs like these are a great support so thanks for writing ❤️


    1. its interesting what you say here Rachael. I think its natural to have a reaction to Pharma as we know that when we live well we get less illness and disease. Definitely if we listen to our bodies and take better care of ourselves we will have less need for pharmaceuticals, but people still get horrendous illness and disease despite living well and pharmaceuticals definitely have a role. I see that pharmaceuticals are still needed to support peoples’ bodies, but the problem is when the focus on health care goes ONLY on pharmaceuticals as being health care.

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  2. Susan Wilson says:

    Absolutely Amelia, and another basic understanding for us all to have is very simple – if the body is displaying any ailment it is NOT TO BE FOUGHT but TO BE LOVED and UNDERSTOOD that it is A HEALING. I can understand how we have fallen into the trap that if we get a cold for example – we got it from someone – but the truth is that we are responsible for every choice we make and also for all ailments/illness/disease. The other thing is to remember healing can only happen when we stop and surrender to the body completely as in sleep with no distractions. Unfortunately this is not commonly practised as ‘take a pill and keep soldiering on’ is the usual practice.

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  3. rosannabianchini says:

    Absolute key to our own health and well-being, nailed in two sentences Dr. Amelia; “First and foremost we need a relationship with our bodies where we are willing to take responsibility for how it feels, and start to honour what allows it to heal in full. When we have this relationship, we are better able to discern naturally whether what we put into it is supportive or not.”

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  4. Carmin Hall says:

    You make some excellent points, Amelia!
    It is so important that we honour & take care of our own bodies and not just see a doctor and expect them to ‘fix’ us.

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