The Silly Season? Or Space to Reflect

We are now in the ‘Silly Season’ around Christmas. I’ve been hearing a few stories about mishaps that happen this time of year, due to distraction from everything that is going on. What I’ve been reflecting on myself is that what we go into as societies at this time of year (a seeming ‘tiz’ that builds to a crescendo) is the opposite to what would be really constructive or supportive of us on the whole.
For me this time of year feels really important to consolidate and reflect on the year that has been.

Has it been the year that we’d hoped? If so or not, why?
What things could I put in place for the next year that will change that trajectory, or augment the one I’m already on, depending on how I’m feeling the year has been?

I feel each year as a cycle. We have the same seasons play out, we have school terms, work contracts, work days and then return to the point where we look at another year of life. Things obviously can change year to year, but I wonder how much attention we actually pay to what we can influence in our lives for the time to come. The way I see our current set up is that we too often leave ourselves at the mercy of what could/will happen, rather than imprinting life with how and what it is that we want and need it to be so we don’t end up more drained, exhausted and sick before we decide to make lasting and supportive changes.

Getting caught up with possessions, who will bake what and who didn’t buy what for whom all appears insignificant when we have the opportunity to set forth a way of living that supports us in any way more than the year before.

Making changes to support ourselves more need not be expensive or flashy. It could be as simple as:

  • Making time to do some stretching in the mornings
  • Making our bedroom space and wind down time in the evenings more sacred – to support with our ever important sleeping
  • Buy one more veggie, and one less processed food item per month and look up fun ways of incorporating it into your diet
There are of course multitude of other things you could reflect on – your work, family life and relationships. What drains you and what enriches you? If you can’t think of anything enriching, think back to when you were a child and the simple things you enjoyed. I guarantee there’ll be something in there (and could be as simple as walking barefoot on the freshly mowed grass!). Feeling enrichment from our day to day lives is what supports us to not feel drained, not be in search of the next ‘break’ we can get and live steady, consistent and healthy lives.

For me now enrichment comes from the fact that I know living as me is the greatest thing I need to do or be, and each day is therefore enjoyable because I am in it, as the fullness of me.
This coming year, 2020, I’m going to ‘front-foot’ and see what I can put in place to support me with my finances, work rhythms, getting ready in the morning flow, holiday breaks, relationships, personal and professional development to maintain the successful expansion of my life.

It’s a beautiful time to reflect. Enjoy the space to over the next little while if you can, and I look forward to hearing what comes from it if you do.

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