Competition – What is it Doing to Our Health?

There is a phrase common to us in society that talks about ‘healthy competition’. What is this competition though, and how is it truly affecting our health?

Competition starts with comparison, or perceiving ourselves as less or more than another. There are myriad reasons why we start to feel less or more than those around us and it begins very young.

When we are born we are whole and complete & everything that is for us to be is naturally inside us. We are allowed to just sit and be – and in fact are marvelled for our beauty and stillness as we lie, sleep and simply just be. As we grow the ideals and beliefs of those around us, if we take them on, start to dictate how we behave. We often learn from our observations and those around us that this natural and innate way of being is actually not the norm, and we most often lack the reflection of what it is to remain true to ourselves for our whole lives.